The Death of a Weed

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. It is what dies within us while we live.”

The old woman lived in a house that drowned with sadness, filled with memories that weighed too heavy. But today everything changed.

She walked out into her garden. The sun shined so bright. She glowed; she had never looked so beautiful.

There was life everywhere in her garden. The weeds that had always been so over abundant were all gone, and now with the death of the weeds, the most magnificent flowers bloomed.

Bees pollinated every flower in sight. Birds bathed in every puddle and sang from the branches they perched on; so much life in such a small space.

She hadn’t felt this much youth since the beginning of her womanhood, when the infandous cast a dark cloud over her life.

She continued her stroll down the garden, towards the hedge maze. All these years, she felt so lost every time she approached it, but now she walked it with her eyes closed. She made it to the willow tree; dead for so many years. Now it stood overbearing with vibrant green leaves, happy to stand on its own at last. What an odious life can do to another. But now that poison was dead and she rejoiced with the garden in the death of their weeds.


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