The Tears, the Blood and the Love of a Guardian Angel – Part I

Based on a dream I had many years ago. So vivid and real, I can see it more clearly than things that have actually occurred in more recent years. About a real man I met when I was 8 months old.  Wish I could remember that memory like I do this dream.

The clouds were settling in as the trees began their low murmurs and whispers of the girl that walked the path of the railroad tracks. As she tried to find her way through the familiar fields of sand and stone, she realized not another soul inhabited this peaceful place. Then she spotted a shadow in the distance, walking towards her.

It was miles away, an unreachable distance, the mind could see, but not the eyes. Still, she felt it’s presence as if it were her own. His body language said “not a care in the world” but the truth was in his eyes and heart; if the world only knew.

The sun shone through the clouds. The breeze picked up, the most comforting caress she would ever feel. He continued to walk towards her, and the closer he got, the thirstier and hungrier she felt. She walked towards him too. Yellow daisies sprouted from the ground with every step she took towards him, surrounding that railroad path that lead her to him.

His image grew clearer, a rugged appearance. Black leather jacket. Ripped, distressed jeans. And the eyes of an angel; pure, hurt and full of love. He walked up to her, both hands in his front pockets, upon the tracks that led her to him.


2 thoughts on “The Tears, the Blood and the Love of a Guardian Angel – Part I”

  1. Can I just say that this “sucked me in.”

    I was not expecting this line…

    “About a real man I met when I was 8 months old. ”

    I’m not sure I’ve EVER read such an “OUTRAGEOUS AND ORIGINAL” opener.

    Keep Writing! Please.

    P.S. Did I spell outrageous right?

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