The Scent of Rain and Chocolate

She woke up to the scent of rain and wet sand. She walked into the kitchen and opened the window to let the air in. She incorporated the bouquet of salt water and lavender into her chocolate. It’s what gave her truffles the ability they had. The wind carried it from her kitchen and conveyed it into the town, sugarcoating everything in its path. It’s been said that it lingers so thick, her chocolate is made out of the airs syrup.

People always asked her why she chose to make her chocolate so close to the ocean. It was simple. The ocean spoke to her. A lot clearer than most had the ability to voice out their own emotions. The ocean bared every tear of joy and despair, of love and of hate. This was the essence of her chocolate. The aromas the wind transmitted into her kitchen. Open for the world to taste and to feel. Unlike the ones who inhabited the town she served. This was what she never revealed through words, but through her chocolate.

She could tell what emotions would overpower the days batch. Today would be the joy of a new mother. She could smell the sweet tears, the baby’s fresh skin, smelling of orchids and pears.She knew these truffles would be of good use. She knew who they were meant for.

For there was a mother grieving her child’s death. The mother sat, looking out the window of her home, trying to remember the joys she felt in the two years she spent with her daughter, but they were buried too deep. All she knew now was the overwhelming sadness that drowned her more each day. She cried, but not as hard as yesterday. She smelled something. A little lighter than that usual gust of sugar and salt the town always sustained. It made her feel a little lighter. She knew where it came from and she knew that it was calling her.

She paid Amber a visit, the towns chocolatier. Before she ever made it fully through the door, with subtle anticipation, Amber handed her a small box with a pink bow. The grieving mother walked towards the ocean. She could smell it now, hope. Stronger and thicker. She opened the box. One single truffle had such similarity tot he ocean. How much it carried. She hoped this would work. She’d heard so many stories about Amber and the power of her chocolates. She took a deep breath and ate the truffle in one bite. Savoring it as it melted in her mouth, she remembered. Felt the joy she once had with her child. The feeling she had lost, taken over by all the grief that made her forget the most beautiful part of her life. And because of this truffle she didn’t have to live with the pain of forgetting anymore. And she felt lucky, that such a moment could give her a little piece of happiness for a lifetime.


3 thoughts on “The Scent of Rain and Chocolate”

  1. Petrichor: The smell of rain. Such a beautiful word, I couldn’t help myself when I read your story. Really beautiful, and I admire the way you write. I feel inspired! 🙂

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