The Tears, The Blood and the Love of a Guardian Angel – Part II

“I’m really glad you found me, I needed someone to talk to.” he told her. She looked puzzled, not by his words but by the fact that she felt she knew what he meant and why he said it. That she knew how he felt and why he was here, in this place. She knew where she was too. She realized all this as soon as she saw him up close.

“Why am I here?” She asked him.

“Because you know me best. You’re a lot like me. I saw it in you all those years ago, and as you’ve grown up, I see it in you everyday. In all your thoughts and actions. Not only do you love and hurt and live like me, but for me as well.”

She wanted to cry, because she has known this all along. Before anyone ever told her anything. Before she could know any better, she knew. And he was her strength all along, so now that he was here with her, crying wasn’t necessary to cope. Maybe for anger, but not to cope.

“There is so much I want to ask and know about you. This isn’t fair.” She held on to his strength as she said this with pain.

“Life isn’t fair hun. That’s why I’m here. But I’m also here to help you and watch over you. And you’re here so I can say all the things I didn’t and couldn’t all those years ago.”

They continued walking the path of the railroad tracks, together.


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