The Tears, the Blood and the Love of a Guardian Angel – Part III

After a walk that seemed like the most peaceful eternity, they came to a stop. He lay between the tracks, and thinking nothing of it, she followed. They stared at the sky. The clouds were now moving a mile a minute, as if running away from a horrible dream.

But as he began to tell his story to her, spill his blood out in words and tears, the clouds became lighter, dancing to his tune. He spoke of all that made him happy. All he wanted and dreamed of becoming one day. Of all that he loved most.  Told her what tore him apart, what caused him to fail and fall. And as all these words flowed from within him to her, they sounded like poetry, a million words became one.

And after all his pain and sorrows, not just his, but his dearest ones as well, every drop of tear and blood gave him wings and the ultimate gift. For these wings were now a blanket, cast over the ones he held dear in his heart. And his soul would be the strength of her that would help her carry on. Carry on his legacy in her very tears and blood.

The tears and blood of this guardian angel were all his greatest pains. But his pain was also his love, forming the path that would one day lead her to her greatest success in life. The link between two souls, the one just like her, and the one that needed her most. And this is how she carried on all his joys. The tears, the blood and the love of her guardian angel would be all she ever needed to to know she wasn’t alone. And from that moment on, she was determined to give the gift of believing. His very gift to her, would one day be the worlds.


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