Inception-like Dreams of a Spotless Mind – A Stream of Consciousness

Falling asleep with a mind full of thoughts, hinder dreams of the thoughts that are buried within my subconscious mind. And having dreams within dreams with Inception-like qualities make me hungrier for those crystal clear plots, with crystal clear settings and crystal clear faces. They build, shift and bend right before my eyes, filling up the spaces of this beautiful mind.

So I spill out every ounce I can possibly manage from the farthest corners I can reach, every night before bed. Dreaming with open eyes, that another dream comes to  while they are closed.

Because not only can you grow as a writer in your waking hours, but in your sleeping hours as well. When the imagination is able to run at full speed, run wild and free. Then you can fill the pages with the dreams of a spotless mind.


2 thoughts on “Inception-like Dreams of a Spotless Mind – A Stream of Consciousness”

  1. So true. I have often thought that I should record my dreamy stories. I will have to learn to wake up earlier though to jot them down before going to work. Would that I we had a literary dream catcher! How do you keep hold your slumbery visions? Do you write them down right when you wake up?

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