Awesome Blog Content Award

Having been  gone for a bit, I am so grateful to come back to my first award “Awesome Blog Content Award” given to me by Crystalyn  @ The Future of Hope.


1. Thank the person who gave it to you and display the award in a post.  Make sure to link back to the blog who so graciously gave you the award.

2. Going through the Alphabet, use one word beginning with each letter that describes you.

3. Give the award to the bloggers as you see fit.

Here it goes.

1. Thanks so much Crystalyn. Really! It’s a great surprise and motivator! I love your support!… Enjoy her blog too! The Future of Hope

2. Artistic, Bright, Crafty, Daring, Electic, Funny, Giving, Happy, Impatient, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Majestic, Nocturnal, Optimistic, Pensive, Quiet, Rare, Sensitive, Trustworthy, Unique, Vivacious, Wonderful, Xenodochial, Yearner, Zealous

3.  A Living Oddity. I absolutely love this blog. I love all aspects of his writing, his views and how he portrays romance with his words.

Pass it on!


Published by: wordsbecomelegacies

New to the blogging world, this is a way for me to grow as a writer. Hopefully, I learn time management to achieve the goals I've had for years but never seem to get a good solid start on. To put my work out there for others to enjoy. For the number of stories I write to grow in not only quantity, but quality. And to someday have a published book. The typical dreams and aspirations of someone with too many words. =)

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