A Town With No Name – Part 1

Somewhere on earth in a big city somewhere, was a small toy shop filled with old toys no one cared for and were considered useless in the age of technology. One day an old soul walked in and spotted a miniature city. It was magnificent, so magnificent he felt the need to put it on display where the  city would know about it, and people would travel from near and far to come take a look at this place everyone spoke of but no one could visit. People began to wonder  what the deal with this was. “It’s just an old toy, there’s no use for this”  they began to say. ” Why should we give this so much attention? We don’t even know where it comes from.” 


But the old soul knew better. He saw the secrets it’s beauty held within. So he kept it for himself, vowing to take care of it for as long as he lived. Soon enough the world moved on and forgot about this magnificent thing. Just like everything else, it came and it went in the blink of an eye. Too blind to see how they are the useless ones compared to this town.You see, this place had no age, for it had been around since the beginning of time, and it would continue to live on with no end and no change.

One day the man sat in his garden, where he kept the display. Looking down on this town for hours, he was entranced by the lifestyles and day to day occurrences  that were so similar to our own. The wind picked up, leaves that seemed giant fell over the town casting a gloom. As the man went to pick them off, he noticed they lightly blew around as if the wind was coming from within. It was. As he looked closer, he noticed their trees were becoming bare, leaves that weren’t there minutes ago were now covering the roads and their yards. “How could this be?” the man thought. But it was.


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