Portrait of a Lost Love

I wrote this piece to the tune of “Portrait” by Lucia Micarelli. The words came to me inspired by all the emotions I feel whenever I listen to the song. In it’s melody I hear love and loss, grieving, hope, strength and growth. And the birth of something beautiful after something so sad. I love music that drowns me in such insanely strong emotions. The reason why it will always be one of my all time favorites. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do, finding beauty in the not so pretty things in life.


She closed her eyes as flowers bloomed matching her hearts sorrow.

Shades of love contended with the grays of loss.

She walked the path of a road she would never walk again, he was gone.

The cold dirt beneath her bare feet reminding her of things that once were and never would be again.

She gave them wings and as they wept they sprouted with courage.

Dancing in harmony, more flowers bloomed for her. Their petals vivid.

She gave these blooms life. Gave them her soul. For it was broken, but grand.

There was beauty in this death, for strength was so beautiful.

The clouds rolled in and began to cry for her lost love, shedding the tears her eyes didn’t have room for.

They fed the memories held deep within this earth, making sure their memories would never die.

They sang a lullaby for the heart of a child to be. The flower of their love would one day realize he’ll be shinning down on her, till the end of time.

She found the tree, the wisest of all and together they danced with the wind.

The wind carried her soul to him.

They danced with joy, for her womb gave her strength.

Danced until she grew tired of joy and began to cry again.

But she felt the wounds of loss heal, at tear at a time. She would be okay. She carried a piece of him in her. Forevermore.


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