The Days I Hate Most – The Origin of When Characters Meet

It is natural to let the familiar be of comfort. But what about the mind of a writer? When characters and their worlds have been predigested but there is no moving on to its refinement for perfection, how do you cope? These are the days I hate most. When my mind will not go beyond the familiar and it decides to take the day off. Ideas and stories come by the dozens, yet I lack words and their formation.

As if my quarrels with my own mind aren’t enough characters from different times, different worlds decide to keep me up at all hours of the night, with nothing to offer but simply embracing the fact that they’ve been thought up. These are the nights I hate the most. When I am eager to help them grow and form into what they are meant to be, but they continue to sit there growing stale, causing pain in my head. How to you freshen them up again?

As I sit here and type this a thought comes to mind. Has the idea of making characters from your different worlds (stories) “meet” ever occurred to you? What this might offer? A new story maybe? Or even the birth of new characters? It’s a world of endless possibilities if you put this idea to work.

So if (more like when) you’ve got one of those days, give it a try. I’d love to read the outcome! =)


3 thoughts on “The Days I Hate Most – The Origin of When Characters Meet”

  1. I know what you mean about fighting with yourself. I have fights with my main wip haha.

    I actually had a few short story characters and stories written with them, and then I realized they were all the same character and all part of the same story. I finished putting the pieces together just a few minutes ago, actually! So I sort-of know what you mean. 🙂

  2. Definitely I’ve thought about them possibly meeting. Two of my character from two different novels are about the same age and could have gone to school together. I’ve thought about sneaking a meeting between them into one of their sequels — if they share the same publisher 🙂

  3. Hi,
    What a great idea especially since I write speculative fiction. This is an interesting proposition–maybe have a short story character meet up with one of my novel characters. Might make for excellent fun.

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