Bucket List – 2013


  1. Blog once a day
  2. Write a passage a day
  3. Write a chapter a day
  4. Finish a novel
  5. Publish a novel
  6. Visit the UK
  7. Revisit Colorado
  8. Visit New York
  9. Go back to Culinary School
  10. 5k run
  11. 10k run
  12. Triathlon
  13. Eat cleaner
  14. Take Kickboxing lessons (self defense)
  15. Cruise to Mexico
  16. 30 days of Insanity
  17. Eat less meat and poultry
  18. Go to Rio Carnaval next Spring
  19. Finish culinary school
  20. Take a makeup artist course/workshop
  21. Certify for massage therapy
  22. Go to a Wales Rugby match
  23. Learn to shoot a weapon/s
  24. Practice archery
  25. Swim with dolphins
  26. Read a minimum of 2 books a month
  27. Start reviewing books
  28. Buy dream camera
  29. Become amateur photographer
  30. Rejoin a dance studio
  31. Write on a cliff
  32. Write in an open field in the Rockies
  33. Rent a lake house
  34. Learn to rally race

More to come!


7 thoughts on “Bucket List – 2013”

    1. Haha, yes 🙂

      Less processed, less canned, less frozen meals. Fruits and vegetables. Homemade. Better grains. Less refined sugars, less fried. The list goes on and it’s much easier than it sounds. 😛

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