The Music Box


Time, in a music box doesn’t forget where she came from, or where she’s going. She never ceases to believe in what she was made for.  Unyielding and unconditionally meant to remind us of why we opened up to her the first time around. We take what we need from her then shut her out when she’s of no use. But there she lies. Unrelentingly waiting for our return. Despite the darkness, she doesn’t forget that beautiful lullaby that soothes our soul. Hers remains aloft, while our own is scattered around with the harshness of the world. There she will always be, taking remnants of our dreams. Maybe one day you will see again. There is always hope in the darkness.

Remind me, music box, to sing and dance in the dark shadows of my dreams.


3 thoughts on “The Music Box”

  1. This is probably THE best post I’ve ever read on WordPress! I can’t even fully describe the journey that this has taken me through, but it is beautiful. Can’t wait to read more.

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