Your tea and me


Make me a cup of tea

In your kettle

I want a cup

That will warm my soul

Fill all the voids

Of having been apart from you

Give me a cup

And a nice view

Away from it all

But close to you


Published by: wordsbecomelegacies

New to the blogging world, this is a way for me to grow as a writer. Hopefully, I learn time management to achieve the goals I've had for years but never seem to get a good solid start on. To put my work out there for others to enjoy. For the number of stories I write to grow in not only quantity, but quality. And to someday have a published book. The typical dreams and aspirations of someone with too many words. =)

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2 thoughts on “Your tea and me”

  1. This is so fitting to my recent post. Sometimes tea is all I need. Just beautiful! I could read this a trillion times over and still feel the power of this short poem. Thank you, for sharing

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