A few words: what history means to me


He took a mouthful of a bite from his plain meat sandwich and a sip of hot tea from a styrofoam cup, the most incredible meal he has ever had the privilege of having. He smiles the most sincere and warmest smile one could ever witness. This was the moment worth living for.
Filled with dirt and grime and tears, sweat and blood, the soldier was the most beautiful thing; captured in time. Almost broken from the war, he’s back home safe and sound.

Revisiting history will always remain one of the most magical and humbling experiences I have control of attaining. It humbles, it teaches me, and it reminds me of what we are capable of.

If you’re going through hell, keep going.


Published by: wordsbecomelegacies

New to the blogging world, this is a way for me to grow as a writer. Hopefully, I learn time management to achieve the goals I've had for years but never seem to get a good solid start on. To put my work out there for others to enjoy. For the number of stories I write to grow in not only quantity, but quality. And to someday have a published book. The typical dreams and aspirations of someone with too many words. =)

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