Trance through her words


She followed the folds of the snow on the ground

They carried the stories that no one had found

She could see with her soul

And feel with her eyes

But they all shouted at her with skeptical cries

Her concern brought about a dance in the waves

Of an eloquent trance that their words could have paved

She toiled with wind and created an armor

That would shield them of ways and the hate of the charmer

The warnings through discourse
They were never enough

For they killed it with quipp and chipped at the resource

Building the way to their greatest demise.


This interactive poetry challenge was something I came across on Blair King’s WordPress. I was given 8 words and with those words I created this poem. Please share your thoughts. I’d love to know how you depict it. Feel free to give me a set of words to continue the challenge. 😀


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