In the mind of a Quixote


I’m of those that dream with liberty
Captain of a sailboat that doesn’t have a sea
I’m of those that live looking for a place
I’m a Quixote of an ageless time
I like people that are real
To be bohemian, poet, an idle; makes no difference to me
I’m singer of silences that don’t live in peace
That presumes to be a Spaniard wherever I go
And where have you been, that your love isn’t easy to find
Your face is seen in each person’s face
So many times I dreamed I was dreaming of your love
I am happy with wine and a chunk of bread
And also, why not, caviar and champagne
I’m that vagabond that doesn’t live in peace
I’m content with nothing, with everything and with more
I’m afraid of time, it goes by so fast
And afraid of the people that talk and opinionate more than they should
And it’s that I come from a world that’s further out there
I’m a Quixote of an ageless time


Another Spanish song from long ago


6 thoughts on “In the mind of a Quixote”

    1. Thank you so much, Matt. It’s lovely to know others might view things in a similar light! I’m glad it has inspired you. 🙂 please continue to write and share your words as well, for they inspire the same.

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