Prelude to Another Realm

The sky was purple with bright blue specks for stars. The air was still. The leaves lay scattered in vivid browns and oranges across the prickly green grass in a field where not a soul had been seen for centuries. But tonight it would all change, when the dreams of a girl would awaken what slept under the bark of an ancient tree. What every soulless weed yearned to attain. The prophecy would be told within her eyes as she lay in the comforts of the the familiar. Little did she know this dream would carry out and change the course and meaning of her life. Beneath a hundred thousand moons, was the daughter of the center of the universe.


4 thoughts on “Prelude to Another Realm”

  1. You are very talented!! I love this, want to know more!! thank you for reading some of my work and I am really looking forward to reading much, much more of yours!! Michelle

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