The essence of their love


With her head still on the pillow, her hair was in tangles.  Layers of orange and red, like the mangoes ripening outside her window. Squinting her eyes, she got up and pulled the white linen drapes open. They were as thin as paper mache but she liked the warm glow it gave the room, obscuring the sunlight.
She poked her head outside and inhaled the sweet nectar that hung from the tree. It sent tingling sensations all through her body, from the tip of her tongue all the way down to the tips of her toes, making her mouth water for it’s juices.
She put some coffee to brew and walked outside barefoot, collecting the herbs she’d use for today’s breakfast. She felt the warm dirt under her feet. Today she would make pancakes with ripe juicy mangoes and silky cream, and an omelet filled with crisp veggies and fresh basil and dill. She would put a dash of the heaven he created for her. He would taste it with every bite. She would see it drip down his chin, and smile because he knew.
When the coffee was done brewing, she poured hot foamy milk, giving it swirls of her heart. She blew into the steam the cup emitted. The essence and the vigor of their love floated into the atmosphere. It would be the warmth the sunshine gave out that day to the rest of the world.



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